MRE- Events & Mixers Why should you attend? See the first MRE Event July 2010 MX City Photos Here!

As the Mexico Real Estate MRE Network grows and expands, we are seeing increased interest and awareness throughout Mexico, USA & Canada from Real Estate professionals, industry professionals, buyers and sellers. The very first MRE networking event was held in July hosted at a beautiful colonial mansion in the prestigious area of Pedregal, in Mexico City. Many MRE members and professionals in MX City attended, even more than just attending -- some of them traveled many hours to attend the event: most notably John Glaab, Carla Hammeken and Juan Montoya made extraordinary effort to attend.

Guests “promptly” started arriving at exactly 5pm and some stayed into the late hours of the evening. At about 45 minutes after the start time into the welcoming the guests into the mansion - literally one after the other (I was an exhausted already!) - Everyone had a few minutes to introduce themselves in a round group setting -- which made it easier to identify who was who – without having to wear those taped name badges which ruin any photo opportunity that say “HELLO I AM --“.

We spent hours involved in great conversations, sharing information, a few friendly debates broke out and overall enjoying getting to know one another face to face. This was an extremely valuable and fun event for everyone who attended. It was clear as they exited they were grateful and thankful they made the effort to attend…it was evident to me as they asked “This was fantastic! When is the next one? Where will it be?” -- Stay tuned to MRE and I’ll keep you posted I exclaimed!

I can’t begin to tell you how much all of us took away from the event, not to mention the very big smile on all of our faces. Giving yourself the opportunity and time in a relaxed environment to network, build relationships and share ideas is the next step in really broadening your horizons and creating business opportunities with one another. It is an excellent investment of your time and energy to attend these events!

Enjoy the photos below from the first event below … I look forward to seeing more of you at the next event organized by Carolan Harris hosted at Mayakoba in November. Stay tuned – Look for the updates on the network & invite more professionals in your area to participate – the more the merrier!

And let everyone know… should we plan to see you at upcoming MRE events & mixers?

John Glaab, Eduardo Phillips Oldmedo, Pedro Trueba Juan Montoya, Carla Hammakan, Felipe Fernández,Jorge Betancourt

Alejandro Martinez, Anna Laura Huitron, Bruno Bourlon Heidi Wosak & Raul O'Farrill , VIP"s having a VIP conversation

Group Gathering w/ Garden View Owners of Mansion John Glaab & Heidi Wosak

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