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Inició esta discusión. Última respuesta de Gary Field Ago 20, 2011. 1 Respuesta

Looks good. ( Similar to Mexico My Space.) Thank you for your hard work Heidi.Saludos,JohnContinuar

Buying Real Estate Safely in Mexico

Inició Feb 11, 2010 0 Respuestas

The ultimate guide has just been released. The Title, says it all, " Second Home or Real Estate in Mexico: INSIDER Secrets You need to Know." The key word is INSIDER. A team of specialists made …Continuar

Mexican Real Estate

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     Yes I agree . AMPI by the way  has a group known as the 43% Club. It is so called because 43% of Mexico's land mass is in the, " restricted zone." Unfortunately teh group was dormant in  2009.…Continuar


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The Settlement Company
Vice President International Marketing
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Before coming to Mexico, I was a professional in advertising, marketing, fund raising and public relations. I am a Certified International Property Specialist. For the past fourteen years, I have been active in AMPI ( a founding member of AMPI Los Cabos) and NAR Internaional.
Por qué quieres ser socio de esta Red Social Inmobiliaria MRE?
It is my goal to help grow the relationship between AMPI and NAR according to the Joint Venture signed in 2006

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Publicado el enero 11, 2012 a las 11:30am 0 Comentarios


New AMPI-NAR Connection

Publicado el enero 5, 2012 a las 1:47pm 0 Comentarios

President's Liaisons: Global Alliances

Mexico : Linda Neil


Morelia a Marvelous City

Publicado el enero 4, 2012 a las 1:09pm 0 Comentarios

Latin America’s Illuminated City Gets More lights.

By John K. Glaab, CIPS

            Morelia is more than the political capital of Michoacan. It is also the cultural center. In 2003, the city embarked on an activity,” Plan Luz.”  Buildings…


Mexico is Open For Business

Publicado el enero 2, 2012 a las 12:28pm 0 Comentarios

Mexico Receives Most Hotels Ever on Condé Nast Traveler 2012 Gold List


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A las 5:06am del julio 10, 2011, Antwan Stevens dijo...



If your active as I am add me, my friend invites are full:)  

I'm in San Diego,Ca.   I'm looking to expand into Mexico

Do you think you can assist?  

619-564-7389 Call me Mon-Fri. 9am-5pm PST
A las 3:40pm del noviembre 27, 2010, Amber Pierce dijo...
Puerto Morelos is a small fishing village that is about 15 minutes south of the Cancun Airport.

Uruapan is fabulous! We were there for the artisan market during semana santa a few years ago. I ended up having to hire a truck to ship everything back to PM! Couldn't live there -- I'd go broke!! ;)
A las 5:11am del marzo 25, 2010, Todd Zurcher dijo...
Thanks John,

I have always done the closings myself in-house, but that is when I was part of the development company doing the projects. Now that I am consulting, I will definitely advise the Developer to talk to you when that time comes.

Take Care,

A las 8:31pm del marzo 24, 2010, Todd Zurcher dijo...
Thanks John. That background photo is from the new resort that I am just starting to market near Todos Santos. Will have information on the property on here very soon.

Hope all is well.

A las 5:18pm del marzo 23, 2010, LARRY JAY FOSTER dijo...
Thank you John, I will bookmark this site on my computer.
A las 12:34pm del marzo 23, 2010, LARRY JAY FOSTER dijo...
That is very neat John! Thanks for sharing. I checked out Michoacan on the internet and it is a very beautiful location. I can see why you live there in the summer.
A las 11:57am del marzo 23, 2010, LARRY JAY FOSTER dijo...
Thanks for the comments you do have your "ear" to the ground sir. I would like to inquire about Michoacan,is that a place to go to escape the Summer heat in Cabo?? Just curious.
En 1:20am on marzo 21, 2010, Elaine Duke-Your Mexico Mortgage hizo John K. Glaab, CIPS un regalo...
Thanks for your friend request John!
En 10:50pm on marzo 20, 2010, LARRY JAY FOSTER hizo John K. Glaab, CIPS un regalo...

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