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Being featured in MRE is something that will give you more exposure inside this Network and all the web …… who is featured?


Members – New members are featured everyday to introduce them to the Network and Twitter.


Blogs – New blogs containing important information for the general members are featured.


Discussions -  Best discussions of the week are featured. 


Pictures – Best new Pictures are featured once a week.


Videos – Best videos are featured once a week, they ca be listings.


Groups – New groups, most members groups and groups with more activity are featured once a week


Inside each group creators and administrators can feature members and discussions within their own rules.


Basic Rules.-


  1. Always be nice and professional inside Mexico Real Estate – MRE
  2. Be sure to make your postings in the right place, such discussion category and group.
  3. Spam is not tolerated; Please report any case of spam or inappropriate content to the Network Administrator.
  4. Each member is responsible for own actions, please respect copyrights, and please be professional at any time.
  5. Be considered with the use of common areas such video, pictures, discussions and blogs, please avoid to post a lot of things at once because other members need and deserve the same exposure. You can do your postings everyday just be considerate to others.
  6. Pictures uploaded to Mexico Real Estate Network containing advertising for the members will be removed. Company logos are OK.
  7. Profiles must contain full name and or company's name, contact information and a picture or logo.
  8. Groups must be created for cities, non profit organizations, regions or a general interest topic for MRE members only. No groups to direct traffic to a business website, for corporations or lucrative activities shall be created by any member.


Tips for Success


1.     Read the Welcome tips and information contained inside the New Member Welcome and Tips Event at the bottom of the main page.

2.     Use this network to be in touch with other members, keep logged in and use the chat room to be always handy for other members.

3.     If you need technical support to connect your page with Twitter, Facebook, My Space or other networks in which you have accounts, or to select key words when you post a blog or a discussion in order to submit your page to search engines, please e mail asking for help, well be glad to assist you.

4.     Read MRE TIPS we e mail once in a while to have the best results.

5.     The more quality people this network has, the more useful for everyone, please invite your friends, friend that you know will be active members, will contribute and will enjoy sharing with others.


Mexico Real Estate - MRE

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Creada para facilitar el intercambio de negocios inmobiliarios en LATAM y USA. MAS DE 1,100 MIEMBROS INMOBILIARIOS Y CRECIENDO GRACIAS A TI!




Curso "El Profesional Inmobiliario del Futuro"

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