Meet Richard Roman: REALTOR and Commercial Broker

 Century 21 Sun & Sand's Commercial Broker, Richard Roman, was born in El Paso, Texas, into a bi-national, bi-lingual family, with his mother being from Chihuahua and his father a native of El Paso.


Richard grew up in a real estate environment: his parents owned 10 rental homes that they managed while simultaneously holding regular jobs. Richard learned early how to integrate real estate management with other activities, as he began providing prospective tenants with rental information on the phone when he was in the 4th grade!
Richard continued his participation in the family real estate business throughout his school years, often taking the lead in maintaining the Roman Family properties until his graduation from El Paso's Thomas Jefferson High School. Subsequently, while attending University of Texas at Austin, he began purchasing, renovating and renting houses, and later became a developer, building 10 houses in Austin in little over five years.
Richard is the Founding Broker of Century 21 Procasa in Huatulco, Oaxaca, the premier real estate brokerage in that market. Richard came to know his partner Heidi Wosak through the Century 21 Mexico network, and instantly recognized a kindred spirit who had made identical choices.
"Just like Heidi, my partners in Huatulco and I looked at all the major international real estate brokerages -- at that time the field was pretty much wide open, we could have affiliated with any of the majors. We came to the same conclusion that Heidi did: the breadth and depth of C21's resources was just overwhelming. Our goal always has been to provide our buyer-clients with a combination of superior local knowledge and country-wide and international resources that assure them that they are presented with every available option and, for sellers, that their property is exposed to every possible buyer, whether in Mexico, the United States, Canada or Europe. C21 International gave us the foundation for all of that."
Richard's decision to become a broker in Huatulco flowed from his belief that non-Mexican buyers in Huatulco were under-served by the existing real estate brokerages. Americans, Canadians and Europeans who did not speak Spanish told him that they often felt disoriented and / or were made uncomfortable by the somewhat different forms and practices that are used when non-Mexicans buy coastal real estate in Mexico.
"Buying real estate outside your own country can be a bit nerve-wracking, whether you're a Canadian buying real estate in Mexico; a German buying real estate in Spain; or even a Mexican buying real estate in the United States. The greatest service that a multinational, bi-lingual real estate brokerage can provide is to help build true bridges of understanding between buyers and sellers of different nationalities. That's what I'm all about: clear communication that leads to comfortable, positive, profitable and smooth real estate transactions for both buyers and sellers. Heidi faced identical challenges in Puerto Penasco -- where nearly all the buyers were Americans with little or no Spanish -- and succeeded in crafting very creative and effective solutions, especially with regard to translation and documents."
Richard also shares with Heidi a deep belief in both exemplary, ethical, professional hands-on local brokerage service and international communication technology -- and sees no contradiction between the two.
"Real estate purchases are highly personal, and very few real estate buyers purchase property sight-unseen, so at some point we virtually always have the pleasure if meeting and getting to know our clients in the real world. But one of the wonders of the internet is its ability to allow us to reach out so much more rapidly and effectively to so many more people. To be able to instantaneously present real estate to buyers in Canada, the United States, Europe or elsewhere in Mexico has been a great boon to our seller-clients. And this isn't just email or our website: it's C21 International network; it's the Point 2 Agent network; it's the vast reach of Metros Cubicos in Mexico."
Richard and Heidi also share a commitment to continuing education, a common foundation element of the success of both Century 21 Procasa and Century 21 Sun & Sand.
"Heidi and I are both big believers in continuing education, both for ourselves and for our agents and support staff. Some ongoing education is specific to real estate, but other parts relate to bi-lingual language skills and, of course, communication technology. Century 21 Sun & Sand is always willing to fund continuing education not only for the partners, but for everyone who works here. It's an essential part of providing the best possible services for our clients."
Richard is a perfectionist who brings 100% focus to everything he does.
"I always make an effort to do the best -- and be the best -- at everything I do, work and play, and agree with Aristotle that 'Excellence is not an act, it's a habit'."
Like his partner, Richard has been intimately involved in AMPI, and was a driving force in the establishment of the Huatulco Chapter of AMPI, currently serving as its Vice President.
Richard is also an experienced triathlete, licensed pilot and an accomplished skydiver with over 550 jumps to his credit -- including a personal-highest jump from 21,500 feet which required the use of auxiliary oxygen!

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