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Widely known for tourism, Cancun is becoming a hot spot for the best in Mexican Beach Lifestyle. One of the most visited cities in all the world, nestled in one of the most fascinating geographical regions where Mayan pyramids are everywhere, Spanish colonial haciendas are common, Caribbean atmosphere feeds everyone spirit, and was founded less than 40 years ago in 1971! Being a very modern city, Cancun has a very unique cosmopolitan touch, foreign cultures and languages can be heard on a daily basis. It is a very sophisticated place where you will find everything for anyone, from a pretty T Shirt to a high performance Porsche, Hugo Boss stores, or flee markets.


Greater Cancun area is extended into the Mayan Riviera, from Cancun City to Tulum having Playa del Carmen in between in a 2 hours driving ratio. Known as The Mexican Mayan Riviera it is one of the most happening regions in the globe.

Cancuns look in the past 5 years has changed a lot, after Wilma who was the hurricane which hit Cancun a month before Katrina did it in New Orleans, more investment and more developments came to the region, as a result new master developments and constructions were built from Punta Sam and Playa Mujeres to Playa del Carmen.

Cancun City residential neighborhoods and commercial spaces changed in a very nice way, giving a new look to the area …. A brand new, sophisticated and planned city.

Cancun it self is very close to have a million inhabitants, making it the largest city of the Mexican Caribbean. Multinational corporate offices, brands and people are everywhere. Private and Public Medical facilities are providing great world class service to Cancun residents and millions of tourist every year.

Cancun lifestyle is diverse, there is room for everyone and any kind of taste, nightlife is world famous, water sports and scuba diving are practiced in Paradise, either if you are nature fan or a sophisticated bon vivant Cancun has a place for you.

As a modern big city education is present, public and private schools – most of them bilingual – have an important roll in the new Cancun society, prestige universities like ITESM or Monterrey Tech or Universidad Anahuac have campus in this place, private bilingual schools from elementary to high school are also here, there are multiples options to choose from.

Real Estate developments are diverse in styles, prices and financing options, you can own either a nice house in town, or a golf villa, a beach front mansion, a beautiful penthouse with your private yacht deck, or a great condo in a nice happening area depending on your budget and life style. Prices are very competitive compared with those in similar cities in other countries, even inside Mexico.

Mexico is very open for foreigners visiting, buying real estate, opening businesses or retiring anywhere in the Country. That is why CEO’s, retirees, families, professionals and investors are moving now to Paradise.

Because of its weather, cost of living, telecommunications and aerial connections with more than 70 airlines flying everyday to everywhere - Cancun international airport was designated the best airport in Latin America on 2009 – Greater Cancun area or the Mayan Riviera, is for sure, the place you most consider to move to.


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